Thursday, 16 September 2010

Atlas Deliver Gate In Record Time

Atlas had just six weeks to design, manufacture and install a sliding gate for a new supermarket in Streatham High Road. A complex job that would usually have a theree month minimum design to installation timescale.
Needed to restrict vehicle access to a car park during the stores non-open hours, the gate has two leaves each 4 metres wide by 80 centimetres high. When the gate is open, the leaves 'telescope' and move to one side leaving the full 8 metre carriageway available for vehicle access.
When the gate is closed, no vehicles can access but pedestrians can enter through the space vacated by the gate. Fixed bollards restrict vehicle access through this opening.
The gate is operated by miniature hand held remote control and the system is connected into fire and security installations.
Telescopic gates, which can be designed to retract into a space less than one third the width of the opening, are ideal for applications where the security offered by a sliding gate is required but space is limited.