Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Atlas has Elecsa Part P services to draw on

Elecsa has announced that over 6,000 approved contractors have taken up its part P scheme, a figure that, despite the recession, is increasing steadily.

As a member, Atlas has access to all the services Elecsa provide including technical advice and the provision of customer warranties.

Atlas managing director Joe Baker said it was essential that customers should feel that a company installing access control, whether a simple gate or a sophisticated electronic system, should have all the right credentials to ensure a high level of safety.

"Having the strength of Elecsa to draw on means that all our customers can be assured their access control system has been installed to the highest electrical specification."

Part P is incorporated in the Building Regulations and its requirement is that: "Reasonable provision shall be made in the design and installation of electrical installations in order to protect persons operating, maintaining or altering the installations from fire or injury". In short, electrical installations must be safe!